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Sunday, August 13, 2023

MAPOLY A-level Alumni 83 Set Mark 40th Anniversary, Donate Study Materials To Alma Mater.

Management of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta has received a donation of some valuable materials from the A-levels Alumni, who were admitted in 1981 and graduated in 1983.

The President/Coordinator of the set, Dr. Oyeyemi Onifade led other colleagues to the Rector's office for the presentation of quality study items to the Polytechnic.

 "Ogun State Polytechnic where we graduated 40 years ago has been the centre of our focus and that is why we have come back to say thank you."Onifade said,

"When we were ruminating on what we could do and we discovered a new department of Social Development has just been established which requires some interventions.", he added.

Some of the items donated to enhance the smooth take-off of the Department of Social Development include; 1 UPS (Blue Gate), 1 HP Desktop & Monitor, 2 LED Projectors & Screens, 4 Magnetic Boards, 2 LG 32" Television sets, 1 HP Laser MFP 135a Printer and 4 White Board Marker.

"As the first occupants of this citadel, we had most of the best moments of our lives, had the brightest academic standard and built friendships that lasted forever," he added 

While presenting the materials on behalf of his colleagues, Dr Onifade added, "As a Lecturer in the United Kingdom, I am always bold and proud to say that I am an Alumnus of Ogun State Polytechnic."

The Rector of the institution,Dr Adeoye Odedeji expressed gratitude for the gesture and highlighted the impacts of the donation to their alma mater.

Head, Public Relations & Protocol of MAPOLY, Mr.Yemi Ajibola quoted 
Odedeji in a statement made available to Edu-Biznews on Sunday as saying, " that the newly established Department of Social Work Development is due for resource Inspection and Accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) but a lack of facilities has been hindering the process"

 "You may not understand the timely effect of your donation, because I am yet to respond to the call for resource inspection of the Social Work Development Department by the NBTE due lack of facilities. But now, you have given me the courage to respond," he expressed with excitement 

"What you brought is enough to help secure the accreditation for the Department of Social Work Development",Odedeji emphasized 

The Rector, thereafter, called on the respective Alumni of the Polytechnic to emulate their colleagues in giving back for the sustainability of their Alma Mater.

Odedeji, on behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students, warmly extended her heartfelt appreciation to the A-Levels 83 set and other alumni bodies who have tolled the path of giving back to the system.

The Registrar, Mrs Olubunmi Elewodalu; Deputy Rector, Dr Mrs Yetunde Lanre-Iyanda; the Director, School of Communication and Information Technology, Mr Taiwo Babalola. and the Head of Department, General Studies, Dr Lucky Aikabeli were in attendance.

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