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Friday, May 19, 2023

"Ageing For You And Me" Is Now Available On Amazon

The Book "Ageing For You And Me" written by Olamilekan Jaji, a trained journalist, is an aspect of  "Geriatric Journalism", which the author made a commendable attempt to educate his colleagues in journalism practice as well as larger audience on the importance of reporting public health with special focus on the elderly people in our society

The author explained that his desire 
 to educate younger people about old age gave birth to the book, saying the
concept of Geriatric Journalism is to see healthy and happy older people in our society to play their roles as models to young generation 

Geriatric reporting according to him, serves as a means of providing information to senior citizens on healthy living and how to get help and treatment of common disease disabilities and general issues that are associated with old age.
"Professionally, this aspect of writing can not be done by generalisation or opinionated reference but facts and figures from trained geriatrician with many years of experience" Jaji stated in an interview with Edu-biznews crew

Jaji in the book strongly believed that it would encourage young journalists to develop interest in reporting issues affecting the aged in the country and set agenda for government and corporate organizations on the importance of protecting the rights of elderly in the society
 "I believe this book will raise many geriatric journalists who will create interest in reporting old age issues and how to encourage younger people to plan for their old age".
"It will serve as a standing point on less- reported old age issues, especially planning and accommodating the senior in our social, economic and political lives"

 "It is believed to set the agenda of creation of care for the elderly by government and corporate organisation, and enlightenment on the right of older people,"the author added

The book is a must read for young adults and older adults 

For more information, the book is now available on Amazon for both local and international audiences.

Please download the link below
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C2SMKP2S for more details

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