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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Ramadan: Ogun Muslims Council Charges Govt On Sincerity..Asks Faithfuls To Remain Steadfast

Ogun State Muslim Council (OMC) has asked government at all levels to demonstrate high sense of sincerity and ingenuity, if the country must overcome  the prevailing hardship occasioned by the depressed economy.

Secretary-General of the council, Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde in a Ramadan message, also enjoined faithful to remain steadfast,increase their devotion and embrace good deeds in order to maximise the gains of the spiritual month 

The council equally charged Nigerians against being provoked in the face of the current economic realities. It advised them not to take law into their hands and avoid any temptation under the guise of protesting the present challenging time.

Season of Ramadan according to OMC,  requires self restraint, obedience and discipline

The council urged the fasting Muslims and others to be Ramadan compliant, by keeping to the ,"dos" and "donts" of the fasting season.

"Ramadan is a month of mercy,generosity, charity and benevolence,imploring the privileged and those who haves to assist the less privileged and those who have not by making edibles available at mosques and other fora during Ramadan", the council stated 

OMC advised food vendors and marketers against hiking food prices, while also charging them against ungodly behaviour such as food hoarding and adulteration for  economic gains.

Meanwhile, the Ogun State  Muslim Council OMC has described the coincidence  of Ramadan fasting and Christian Lenten season as a good omen,urging followers of both faith to pray fervently for the nation's leaders and for the country to get out of the wood. 

Decrying the seemingly rival posture of the religious minded Nigerians,the Council in the message implored them to eschew rivalry while charging preachers of both faith to incorporate love, tolerance, peace, harmonious living, religious understanding,good citizenship,inter-faith cooperation and collaboration in their sermons and the preaching of the Scriptures. 

The council urged scholars and leaders to guide against  inflammatory statements that can incite and ignite crisis. 

"Nigeria is faced with myriad of challenges being tackled by the leadership at all fronts and,therefore, cannot tolerate an aggravation of the challenges", the message concluded 

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