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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Colloquim : Poly Rector Charges PhD Holders To Be Good Role Models For Championing Of Knowledge

Rector of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Dr. (Engr) Ibraheem Abdul, has charged all PhD holders to be good role models, by taking a lead in the championing of knowledge in the institution 

He made the call at the Maiden Colloquium of PhD holders in the Nigeria's premier tertiary institution which has its themed ‘Impacting the College Community through self-development and effective mentoring’.

The Rector says it is important for holders of Doctoral degrees to commit to taking up the responsibility of developing and mentoring the next generation of scholars and professionals.‘

"As PhD holders, let us commit to being the role models, the guides and the champions of knowledge that our College community deserves’‘

"As holders of doctoral degrees, we are entrusted with a unique responsibility- a responsibility to not only advance our individual careers but also to be the driving force behind the  development and mentorship of the next generation of scholars and professionals’", he urged them 

On the educational growth of the College, the Rector further called for the joint corporation of all.‘

Together, we can create a brighter of our College, our students and our society’

On her part, Dr. Ify Akeredolu, a paper presenter called on all to invest in and understand the importance of building a culture of continuous learning in the College‘

"Investing in continuous learning is crucial for all staff of Yaba College of Technology to develop professionally, stay current and gain a competitive advantage in the educational sector", she tasked 

She further stated that although it may be difficult to build a culture of continuous learning but at the end of the day, the benefits will be worth the effort.

Also speaking at the Colloquium, Dr. S.O Momodu gave an insight into developing potentials which would help in overcoming barriers in self-development. 

He called for all participants to identify self-development programs and the stumbling blocks which participating in developing one’s self.‘

Staff engagement in self-development programmes is essential for unlocking employee potentials. 

It is therefore compelling for all staff especially PhD holders and the coming generation to engage in relevant self- development activities.’

To empower excellence in Yabatech through mentorship, Dr. M.A Adebakin charged all to understand the significance of mentoring, explore different mentoring techniques that are beneficial for self-improvements and the College at large.

Furthermore, the former Deputy Rector Administration asked participants to mentor with integrity as “it will foster an environment where staff members excel in their positions and contribute to the College’s overall success”

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