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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Al'Mu'Minaat Seeks More Commitment As Stakeholders Offer Tips On How To Raise Morally Upright Children

Al'Mu'Minaat, (the Believing Women organisation) has called for more commitment of its members to enable the group sustain its modest tradition of serving humanity and complimenting government's efforts at ensuring a peaceful and descent society for all Nigerians 

Amirah of Egba-Yewa Zone of the group, Hajia Sekinat Andur Raheem Yusuf made the call on Saturday in Abeokuta , the Ogun State capital, during the closing ceremony of its 2023 Week, which also featured a public lecture titled "My Child My Mirror" , where highly respected Religious women  offered vital  tips to  mothers  on how to raise morally upright children that will be pride of the society 

The Amirah stressed the need for members of Al'Mu'Minaat to be more dedicated to the cause of providing a very strong forum for empowerment and en-lightment of  more believing women in the country

"I seize this opportunity to implore all our members to be more dedicated, committed, resourceful and persevere. We should always demonstrate transparency, honesty, prudence and faithfulness. Remember that we are occupying our posts on trust (Amanah), and we are all going to be accountable for all our deeds", she charged them

She urged members to see themselves as shepherd who must give account of their deeds to their creator 

 "Kulukum Raiy wa kulukum mas’ul an raiatihi (meaning everyone of you is a shepherd and you will be asked about your subjects). We hope and pray to forge ahead as I beseech Almighty Allah to assist us in all our endeavors. Amin", Yusuf stated 

Guest Lecturer at the event, Alhaja Tawakalitu Oderinde speaking on theme of the public lecture "My Child My Mirror", described "Child" as a special gift from Allah, a treasure on earth which could also turn out to be a trial which requires serious attention of a mother

She identified the importance of showing love , inculcating Islamic teachings and instilling discipline right  from the childhood before such child grows to be an  adult 

"We should show love, have affection for our children, they need physical touch, we should have words of encouragement for them to actualize their future ambition, especially when they are teenagers. We should correct them gently and not being harshed  on them .We should also be mindful of the company of friends they relate with and guide them appropriately", she stated

Also speaking on the topic , Hajia Waliyat Ahmad strongly stressed the need to instill fear of Allah in the child, right from the childhood for such child to be cautious of mode of worship in Islam 

Similarly, Alhaja Habibat Akewula emphasized the importance of a woman choosing the right partner to marry before a child is conceived in the womb of a mother, saying a Morally upright child is the obligation of both husband and wife

"We should be good role model for our children , let them appreciate the beauty of Islam in us . We should practice what we preach to them as Muslims," she submitted 

Another speaker, Alhaja Rukayah Idowu quickly identified differencies in every child and need for parents to adopt different methods in handling situations with each of the children 

She encouraged parents to be strong and steadfast in prayers, in order to resist any situation which could lead to a point  of  provocation 

There was vocational talk on how to produce Kunu drink and kukuli Oil to enable mothers or women earn additional income to support their respective families 

The 1445 (2023) edition of Al Mu’minaat Week which held between  18th and  26th of August 2023, has its theme "THE BUILDERS"

The Week  featured activities which aimed at fostering unity, empowerment and community service. 

The diverse range of programme included Special Jumat services, unity /women’s day, humanitarian visit to Juvenile Home at Asero in Abeokuta , health caravan, media talk on some selected electronic media houses and professional forum, before the grand-finale  on Saturday, 26th of August 2023 with formal closing and professional forum at Owu-Central Moque Hall 


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