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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Ogun SWAN Media Cup: Splash FM In Final

Splash FM, Abeokuta side have automatically booked their place in the final of the second edition of Ogun SWAN Media Cup five-aside football competition, following the disqualification of both Wise FM, Abeokuta and Eagles FM, Ilese-Ijebu for their unruly conduct in the quarter-final match involving the two teams

Splash FM who thrashed Odua FM, Abeokuta 5-1 in quarter-final will play the winners of the only semi-final match between OGBC, Abeokuta and Super FM, Ijebu-Ode slated for Monday, June 12, 2023 at the Funturf five-aside football pitch of the MKO Abiola International Stadium in Kuto, Abeokuta

On the other hand, Odua FM now await the losers of the semi-final encounter for a third placed match 

The State Secretary of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, Azeez Michael-Ogunsiji made the decision of the organizers known, after completion of Investigation into the matter leading to the abandonment of the quarter-final match involving both Wise FM and Eagles FM

Here are the details of the match report and verdicts of the organizers 


Following the unruly behaviour of both *Wise FM* players, supporters, and *EAGLE FM* players on and off the pitch, the Association observes as follows:

1. That both teams disrespected the organizers for not obeying Referees' instructions and halted play.

2. That, the management of *Wise FM* failed to control their players, staff and supporters which led to invasion of the pitch .

3. That the *Wise FM* GM, slandered and accused the organizers of accepting bribes from Baba Ijebu to support *Eagle FM* Ijebu without any proof of evidence.

4. That the camera crew and GM of *Wise FM* directed live camera on the SWAN Secretary as one of the organizers collecting bribe from Baba Ijebu to favour Eagle FM.

5. The GM of *Wise FM* ordered his players to abandon the penalty kick after protest over who to take the last penalty kick even after the Centre Referee had made clarification about the rules and ordered continuation of play.

6. The Eagle FM players were rude to the organizers as a player assaulted the SWAN CHAIRMAN while he was trying to calm frail nerves.

7. That, despite the order of play by the Centre Referee, *Eagle FM* abandoned the match claiming Insecurity

8. That, it was disappointing and unacceptable the despicable misconduct unexpected from people that should parade themselves as professional journalists and broadcasters, throwing caution to the wind disparaging the  image of the association (SWAN) in a despicable manner that truncated  the peaceful atmosphere and healthy relationship of this competition.

9. That, the discontinuation of the 4th quarter-final match between the two sides makes it difficult for the organizers to determine the winner of the encounter.


1. That, following the unruly behaviour from *Wise FM players officials and supporters* and *Eagle FM* players, the discontinuation of the match, makes it impossible to determine a winner between the two sides.

2. That as deterrent to others and punishment for the two teams for their unruly behaviour to the organizers, they are both *disqualified* from continuing this competition.

3. That for future participation of this competition, the GM of *Wise FM* should tender an apology to the organizers and retract his bribery allegation from Baba Ijebu to favour Eagle FM, Ijebu against the organizers.

4. That, failure to comply with No 3 under Verdict, means total elimination of *Wise FM* from participating further in any SWAN-organized competition in the state and National level.

5. That, the loser of the Match 1 between Splash FM and Oodua FM in the quarter-final, will play the 3rd place match with the loser of the ONLY semi-final match between *OGBC* and *Super FM* Ijebu that will be played on June 12.

6. That *Splash FM* has automatically QUALIFIED to the Final.

The association, therefore, urged all media stations to sensitize their players and supporters to play by the rules and desist from any ACT of violence, thuggery, hooliganism, and gangsterism that are inimical to fair play rules in football.

The Association equally sounds a note of warning to all participating media stations that, henceforth, any team's player that assaulted the Referees, other team players or the organizers physically shall be arrested by law enforcement agents and such media stations will be reported to the appropriate Quarters 

The Association promises to host a befitting final that we will all be proud of. 

We thank all participating media organizations who have shown commitment,  passion, dedication, and zeal to participate in this year's edition.

We promise to learn from our mistakes and improve upon them in the next edition. 


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