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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Expand Your Networking,Make Positive Impact In Society- Experts Charge Muslim Women Professionals

Muslim women professionals have been charged to always strive to expand their networking, so as to be relevant and influence their respective communities positively for the overall growth of the society

Medical Experts, Dr.Musodiq Fadeyi of Lekfad Medical Centre and Alhaja Rukayah Idowu Musa, a Matron at the State Hospital, Ijaiye , Abeokuta, gave the charge in their seperate presentations on Saturday  at a lecture in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital  organized by Egba/Yewa Zone of  Al-Mu'minaat , a forum of Believing Muslim women professionals

Dr. Fadeyi stressed the need for them to be sound professionally , morally upright and fair to all in their respective professions, places of work and communities , so as to earn the trust and respect of people which according to him, will further strengthen their network of  professionals 

He urged them to use rich networking to impact positively  on their immediate communities 

Similarly Alhaja Rukayah Idowu Musa in her presentation on the theme of the lecture " Maximizing Professional Networking For Community Development" stressed the need for Muslim women professionals to always make themselves relevant in their respective professions and working environment, by going for various capacity building programmes and academic programmes to further upgrade  their academic status 

She urged them to be active participants on social media platforms to expand their network 
of people while calling on the Muslim women professionals to be more committed to providing selfless services to various communities for the growth of the society which will further expand their networking and make more influencial in their respective communities 

Amirah of the muslim women professional forum, Hajia Sekinah Abdul-Raheem Yusuf had in her earlier welcome speech, explained that the lecture was packaged to encourage Muslims women to be more involved in the development of their various communities saying " Muslims as vicegerent of Allah on earth are supposed to be involved in what ever that happens in their environment"

She  stressed the importance of their active participation in governance of Nigeria in the present political dispensation , urging them to use professional skills acquired to double their efforts, by increasing their level of involvement in community development from average to above average 

"Muslim women should go out of their comfort zones to network for the betterment of the society at large", she concluded

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