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Sunday, November 20, 2022

NUT Faults Minister Of Education's Directive On Removal Of Sex Education From Curriculum

The Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT has faulted the recent  directive by the Minister of Education ,Mallam Adamu Adamu, directing the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Counçil NERDC to immediately remove "Sex Education" from the curriculum of basic education in the country

The Minister had issued the directive to NERDC on the 3rd of November,2022 during the 66th Ministerial meeting on National Counçil on Education held in Abuja, saying the inclusion of "Sex  Education" in the basic education curriculum would further morally corrupt the minds of the children who are already exposed to such information on the internet through Android phones, insisting that parents and religious leaders in churches and mosques should play their roles of inculcating such teachings in children and not schools  

But Secretary of the Ogun State wing of NUT, Comrade Samson Oyelere in an interview with Edu-biznews in Abeokuta on Sunday, kicked against the directive, stressing the importance of teaching Sex Education in schools, rather than informal means as suggested by the minister 

"We feel whatever being taught the children in schools will have impact on them, if we failed to teach them through formal means , they will learn through informal means, so NUT is kicking against it, it is not best way to go", the union disagreed

According to NUT, "information has to be passed to the next generation through books for them to read and have impact on them"

The union says "impacting such knowledge through formal education is the best rather than giving it to the informal sector to teach them what ought to have been taught in formal sector ,thereby exposing them(the children) to errors and fallacies"

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