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Monday, May 2, 2022

Be Wary Of Buying Lands Acquired For Dumpsite Purposes-Ogun Govt Cautions Residents


Ogun Statetate Government has cautioned unsuspecting residents of the state especially those in the urban centres against buying government acquired lands meant for dumpsite purposes from land speculators, so as to avoid being exposed to the future negative environmental and health implications    

Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment and Chief Executive Officer of the Ogun state Waste Management Authority OGWAMA,Mr Ola Oresanya handed down the warning in the wake of encroachment of lands designated as dumping sites by the state government which were sold to unsuspecting general public by land speculators for residential development.

Oresanya said before buying land near any government-owned dumpsites because they come cheap, residents must contact the Bureau of Land and Survey,Ministry of Environment and the Ogun-state Waste Management Authority OGWAMA to confirm their status,so that they will not be offered government- acquired dumpsites which may later be reclaimed by the goverment due to environmental and health implications on the people living near the sites.

"A case that comes to mind is that of Saje Dumpsite in Abeokuta which was leased by the Ogun state government in July 2006 and falls within LUD Site IV Acquisition which was sold by land speculators to unsuspecting public,",he stated

According to him, "As at the time of its lease and subsequent acquisition the dumpsite was an abandoned quarry of 18.43 hectares landspace.However the dumpsite is now surrounded by residential houses as owners were tricked by land speculators who sold the acquired land to them"

"The residents are now disrupting the waste disposal efforts and management in Abeokuta claiming health and environment hazards in a place where they are not supposed to be in the first place as they saw the dumpsites in existence and in operation before they illegally fall victims to land speculators and build their houses near the dumpsites",he warned 

While reiterating the State Government's determination to resolve the issue of residents encroaching into Saje dumpsite land acquisition,Oresanya advised other residents to be wary of land speculators who sell government acquired land to them cheaply saying that cheap things especially landed property might later have negative and unpleasant future consequences.

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