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Monday, July 1, 2024

Food Security:FUNAAB Begins Massive Production Of Cassava, Livestock, Others


Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in the Ogun State capital has commenced massive production of Cassava, livestock and other farm products as part of major steps to address food crisis in Nigeria, under the institution's 'Agriculture Revitalization Programme, inline with the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration's food security agenda for the country 

The university had already began massive production of Cassava on 22 hectares of land , using high yielding researched variety 'TME 419' to meet market demands for both human consumption and industrial purposes 

An Agriculture Officer I , Adenekan Usman Adebayo who conducted newsmen round the Bio-Ethernol Cassava plantation on Monday, explained that the new variety of stem(TME 419) was a product of research effort of the university to improve production of the cash crop to make the product available for processing into garri, Lafun, (Cassava powder) , Fufu and industrial purposes as well 

He explained that the planting started last October 2023, which is now being harvested in some parts of the large farmland and sold to already waiting buyers, particularly local market women within and outside Abeokuta who usually process them into garri, Lafun and other finished products for human consumption 

Adebayo added that the university also provided extension services to its community,by making available high yielding varieties to local farmers to plant yams, maize and others on the farm land 

The university is also planting and harvesting its variety of improved tomatoes while cultivating  large Plantation of Palm-oil trees for its Palm-oil Plant and other foods processing plants under FUNAAB Integrated Ventures 

Similarly Deputy Director of Institute Of Food Security, FUNAAB Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research, Mr. Olusola Marayesa conducted newsmen round the livestock section where the university showcased its research effort which a new breed of goat ' Kalawad

Kalawad specie according to him, is a FUNAAB's product of crossbreeding of Kalahari a Red bread goat sourced from South Africa and local West African Dwarf breed 

He put the population of the livestock animals including goats of different breeds, rams and sheeps at over 120

Marayesa expressed the commitment of the university to improvement of quality of meat being produced for human consumption 

The FUNAAB Muturu Cattle Project is another initiative of the university funded by TETFUND to boost quality of beef meat with improved breed of cows 

Also speaking, Co-ordinator of FUNAAB Integrated Ventures, Mr. Adeoti Adekunle explained that the various agricultural projects served as alternative sources of revenue for the university 

He added that the university  invested in Palm-oil Plant, Pure- Sachette Water production and other food processing plants to the products of the institution's improved varieties for production of Cassava, Tomatoes, Cashew as well as Palm-oil trees and livestock animals available for local market as part of contributions of FUNAAB to ensuring food security for the nation under the headship of the current Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olusola Kehinde 

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