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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Ogun Muslim Council Scribe Kicks Against Consideration Of Emirate Council Amendment Bill By Sokoto Assembly To Strip Sultan's Power

Secretary-General of the Ogun State Muslim Council, Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde Esq has joined Muslim Rights Concerned and other stakeholders in condemning the steps being taken by the Sokoto State Government and its State House of Assembly whose members are strongly considering the Sokoto Emirate Council Bill to strip the Sultan of some of his powers 

The bill which has scaled through both first and second reading on Tuesday, if eventually passed by the lawmakers and assented to by Governor.Ahmed Aliyu,  will strip the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, of powers to appoint the kingmakers and to appoint district heads without government approval, among other things.

But Akintunde reacting to the development in a statement made available to Edu-Biznews on Wednesday, counseled  the Sokoto legislature to prioritize people-oriented statutes over what he described as unpopular and unwarranted actions

The former National President of the National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO),implored the Sokoto State Government, particularly the Governor, to eschew prejudice and bigotry and avoid being influenced by self-serving leaders seeking to settle personal scores at the expense of overriding concerns and priorities.

He however commended the rebuttal by the  State Government of the news of the purported move or allegation to depose the 20th Sultan of Sokoto and "Amirul Mumineen," describing the proposed action as a misplaced priority, a daydream, and an affront to the sanctity of traditional leadership and institutions, undermining Nigerian Islamic leadership.

The refuted story according to him, has unsettled the Muslim community and the nation 

He described the push as despicable, ignominious, and a ploy to undermine the revered position of traditional Muslim leadership in the country.

Highlighting the prominence of the Sultan as the head of the Nigerian "Ummah" (Muslim Community), Akintunde stated that the Sultan of Sokoto is the "de facto" first Muslim in Nigeria, hence his titles "Amirul-Muminee" and "Sarkin Muslimin" (in certain parlances). 

He noted that the Sultan's leadership of the Nigerian Muslim community is signified by his role as President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

The Ogun Muslim Council Secretary-General contended that the exalted position of the Sultan represents national and international eminence and prestige which cannot be ignored or underestimated under any guise or circumstance. 

Akintunde asserted that the present Sultan was God-chosen and the most traveled, building bridges across religious and ethnic boundaries. 

He described the Sultan as a nationalist and a patriot whose words of wisdom and valued contributions to national affairs are profound, valued, and impactful.

Meanwhile, the OMC Chief Scribe commended Vice President Shettima for his warning to the Sokoto State government over its denied action. 

According to Akintunde, the Vice President's charge underscored the Yoruba proverb, "Elders will not be in the market and allow a child's head to bend." He also lauded the Sokoto government for its bold yet timely refutation of the rumor, noting it as a welcome development that will foster goodwill, harmony, cordiality, and collaboration for a progressive "City of Caliphate."

Akintunde, who also serves as the Ogun State Coordinator of the Muslim Media Watch Group (MMWG), recalled a similar incident during the era of a military government which saw the 18th Sultan of Sokoto, the late Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, being deposed. 

He enjoined the people of Sokoto State and the Nigerian Muslim "Ummah" to remain calm, peaceful, law-abiding, and harmonious, urging all to exercise restraint and caution over the unsettling incident.

In the meantime, an appeal has gone out to the Muslim populace to embrace the call for supplication and fasting as a spiritual antidote to current challenges. According to the Ogun State Muslim Council (OMC) Secretary-General, such efforts, coupled with changed attitudes and ethical behavior, remain vital for achieving cohesion, unity, and progress.

The OMC Scribe also called on various governments and stakeholders in the health and environmental sectors to step up efforts to contain the spread of cholera ravaging the country. He emphasized the need for people to practice food hygiene, environmental sanitation, and to consume water from safe sources to prevent contracting cholera.

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