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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Minimum Wage: OMC Wants Review of International Labour Law


Ogun State Muslim Council has stressed the need for a review of the International Labour Law that would make it mandatory for employers to periodically engage employees in a 'round table' discussion as a sustainable option for  resolving  industrial disputes than the incessant strike that usually disrupts  economic activities in the country 

Secretary-General of the council, Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde Esq made the call in a statement made available to Edu-Biznews on Tuesday in the wake of the suspended indefinitely strike over the minimum wage, which affected most of the critical sectors of the economy including the aviation sector

The leadership of both Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress had  during the strike action, disrupted the operations of the major airlines involved in the  airlifting of Nigerian pilgrims in the ongoing hajj  to Makkah  and Madinah  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , despite the assurance given to the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to ensure smooth activities 

The OMC highlighted that the Hajj pilgrimage is time-sensitive, and any delay could jeopardize the participation of pilgrims who have made significant financial sacrifices to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. 

The Council emphasized the importance of the pilgrims' mission, which includes making supplications for the nation to overcome its numerous challenges.

The council advocated for a paradigm shift from such unproductive measures of industrial action to approaches that would not hinder national progress.

The OMC in the statement, however appealed to the Labour leadership to always exempt critical sectors such as Health, Aviation, and Banking from such industrial action 

These sectors according to the council,  are vital to life and could pose serious risks if disrupted.

The Muslim council who decried the current economic hardship and inflation that have caused significant suffering among Nigerians, advised families and individuals to adjust their economic plans to align with the present realities, urging Nigerians to adapt their socio-economic lifestyle as a means of coping with these challenges.

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