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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Police, Ifa Practitioners Move Against Ritualists, Vow To Prosecute Culprits In Ogun

Ifa practitioners and Ogun State Police Command are collaborating in the ongoing fight against ritualists who are fond of using human parts for money making rituals in Abeokuta, the State capital and its environ

The State Police Commissioner, Abiodun Alamutu and leadership of Ijo Babalawo Onifa Association of Egbaland led by  Oloye  Ifagbeminiyi Atanda Baoku (Oluwo-Ifa of Egbaland) including members of its seven-man taskforce under the headship of Oloye Adewale Adekunle held a strategic meeting on Wednesday at the Eleweran, Abeokuta state command headquarters, where they both agreed to sanitize the Ifa- practice and stem the tide of the unhealthy ritual killings, by fishing out ritualists caught in such unholy acts for immediate prosecution in court in line with criminal acts in the country

The State Commissioner lauded the initiative of the association for setting up the special taskforce to regulate the activities of members, particularly the bad eggs  tarnishing the good image of Ifa practitioners ( Babalawo) in the society 

"We are assuring you that the state police command will be at your beck and call , report to us any of your members that run foul of your association's laws or anybody caught in such criminal act of ritual killing, " Alamutu assured 

The Sakosi Onifa Egbaland, Oloye  Ifadimeji Jegbe Biobaku had during the meeting expressed the concern of the association on the disturbing trend of ritual killings, saying such act is forbidden to Ifa-practioners 

"As Babalawo , we are forbidden from using human parts as part of our appeasement, neither is it being used for any form of concoction, tincture or relics . This is a clearly stated principle in Irete meji , there is no part of Odu Ifa that states otherwise", he stated

The Ifa- priest clarified the difference between Ifa-practioners (Babalawo) and other traditionists including Herbalist (Elewe-Omo), Native Doctor (Onisegun ), Adahunse as well as Baba and Iya Olorisa 

"It is forbidden to be a seer , as a Babalawo must only relate the truth as seen according to divinity, also it is forbidden to help evil perpetrators and individuals with dubious characters . A Babalawo must be upright in all his doings and lifestyle"

On efforts made so far to sanitize the Ifa- practice, he stated that the association set up a seven-man taskforce along with existing 22-member disciplinary committee within its ranks to monitor and enforce compliance with the Code of Conduct or Bye-Laws of the association 

The association expressed confidence that the symbiotic relationship with the police would strengthen the effort in combating all illegal activities of ritualists in the society

Other members who attended the strategic meeting include Ojubona of Egbaland, Oloye Onifade Amole Ogundele(Abere-Ifa),  Oluwo-Ifa of Ogun State, Oloye Aregbesola Anipupo , 
Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, , Oloye Ifalola Alawode, Vice-Chairman, Oloye Ifasesan Abati, General Secretary of the committee, Oloye Ifasola Akanbi(Atunfato), Araba Onifa, Egba, Oloye Awofolaji Ifaleye and Chairman of Isese Parapo, Egba, Oloye Ifaniaki Amosu


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