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Monday, March 25, 2024

Ramadan: Ogun Deputy Gov., Clerics Call For Unity Among Religious Organizations

Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Engr. Noimot Salako-Oyedele and Islamic clerics have stressed the importance of unity and dialogue among Muslims, so as to build a stronger and formidable community capable of influencing policies and programmes that would promote the interest of Islam as one of the major religions in the state

They made the call over the weekend in their separate speeches  during the Abeokuta Mega Ramadan Lecture organized by twelve religious organizations in the state.

Salako-Oyedele who was addressing attendees as the distinguished guest of honour, urged Muslims to promote the virtues of Islam by  emphasizing the significance of coming together as one ummah to foster unity not only within Ogun State but also beyond , irrespective of various tribes and cultures in the state 

She encouraged  active participation in the electoral process and governance to enable them partake in policies formulation and programmes to protect the interest of Islam while stressing the need for openness to dialogue and collaboration to create an inclusive ummah.

Also speaking, Dr. Afeez Oladimeji Musa, the director of Insight Institute for Islamic and Technical Studies, Abeokuta in his thought-provoking lecture on "Inimitable Quran: Interacting with the Scripture, Reliving the Message,"  underscored the importance of Muslims' interaction with the message of Allah

He  added that many challenges stem from the way individuals deal with or behave in response to these  messages 

The Islamic Scholar  urged all Muslims to believe in their Lord and embrace the teachings of the Quran, emphasizing Allah's invitation for Muslims to work together and engage in activities that bind their hearts.

Similarly, the National Chief  Missionary Dawah Front of Nigeria who doubles as  Chief Imam of the University of Abuja,Prof. Imam Taofik Abdul Azeez,echoed the call for unity among Muslims. 

He urged Muslims to wake up and  collaborate with one another as commanded by Allah 

The Cleric emphasized the consequences of disunity and the imperative of taking positive actions to fulfill Allah's command.

Major stakeholders behind the successful holding of the Abeokuta Mega Ramadan Lecture, expressed their commitment to promoting unity and cooperation among Muslims in Ogun State, in order to sustain the lecture as a platform for reflection, dialogue and communal engagement 

Participants at the event it was observed, left with a renewed sense of purpose and solidarity, ready to embrace their diversity while celebrating their shared faith and values.

The  twelve religious organizations who collaborated to ensure successful hosting of the historic religious event in the Ogun State capital, were able to demonstrate the power of unity and dialogue in fostering a sense of community and mutual understanding among diverse groups.

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