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Saturday, February 3, 2024

You Can Be The Best In Your Education, Profession Wearing Hijab- Scholars Tell Muslim Girl-Child

Every Muslim girl-child in Nigeria has been charged to always be bold enough to use hijab in school, because doing so will make such child to be focused, respected and be among the best in her education or chosen profession in the society 

Islamic Scholars, Hajia Fatimah Ibrahim, Hajia Fasilat Abd-Gafaar and Hajia Aisha Mikhail gave the charge on Saturday in their separate presentations in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital at grand-finale of the 2024 World Hijab Day organized by Egba-Yewa Zone of Al-Mu'minaat Organization (The Believing Women) with the theme "Hijab:Veiled In Strength"

Hajia Fatimah, speaking on theme of this year's celebration "Hijab: Veiled in Strength” with the topic “Hijabi, Strengthening the Body and the Soul”, she stressed need for every Muslim girl-child to believe in the spiritual importance of wearing hijab, saying adhering strictly to the Islamic mode of dressing will not in anyway hinder them from being the best among their peers in classrooms or chosen professions 

She pleaded with them to resist any form of societal temptation capable of discouraging the usage of hijab, calling on parents to continue to encourage their female children to wear hijabs which differeciate them from non-muslims 

Also speaking Hajia Fasilat in her lecture described hijab as a symbol of strong-will and determination, stressing the need for Muslim girl-child to have strong will as a Hijab-sister by believing in oneness of Allah, observing their the five daily prayers, compulsory fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and upholding high moral values to earn respect in the society

Hajia Fasilat who is a teacher in one of the public secondary schools in the state, recalled the history of how "Hijab Day" celebration started in the United States and efforts made by Muslim sisters in the past to ensure the usage of hijab in schools in the country

She enjoined them to be determined to succeed in their education or vocational trades by being focused on what they do, making reference to outstanding academic performances recorded most recently by 40 Hijab sisters who bagged First Class Honour Degree from the University of Lagos and Hajia (Dr) Aminat Aribi-Ige whose Doctoral Thesis in Mathematics was adjudged overall best in the same university 

She appealed to them to always make close friends with their fellow Muslims that would further sustain their faith while advising to always respect their parents and elderly in the society as good ambassadors of Islam 

Similarly National Treasurer of Al-Mu'minaat, Hajia Aisha Mikhail urged them to make good use of knowledge gained from various lectures delivered 

"We should make good use of knowledge gained from the lectures delivered, we should be able to charge the narrative in the society by ensuring that you are morally upright and not distracted by the influence of social media ", she stated 

The Amirah Al-Mu'minaat Organization (The Believing Women) Egba-Yewa Zone, Hajia Sakinat Abdraheem-Yusuf had earlier in her welcome address at the event, explained that the annual event to mark World Hijab Day was recognition of Millions of Muslims Women, the Alasalatus, School girls who choose to wear and live a life of modesty. 

The hijab according to her, is a head and chest veil being worn by Muslim women usually when they are around males who are not part of their close family. It means partition or curtain used to safeguard female from strange male harassment.

"It is a command from Allah in the Qur’an chapter 33 verse 59 thus O prophet say to your wives and your daughters and the women Of the believers that they let down upon them their garments, this Will be more proper, that they may be known and thus they will not Be given trouble; and Allah is Forgiving, MercifulWorld Hijab Day is observed every year on February 1st to honour Muslim Women who wear the hijab and maintain their modesty"

"World hijab day also aims to create better awareness and greater understanding on issues affecting Muslim women all over the world, to this end", she stated

Hajia Sakinat then prayed Allah to end the ongoing in Gaza , Palestine where Muslim sisters, mothers and children had been killed by the occupying Israeli soldiers, calling on world leaders to stop what she described as evil act of genocide against the Muslims in Palestine 

"We remember our Muslim sisters, mothers, wives and children in GAZA, Palestine who had been killed by the occupying Israeli soldiers and still being molested, massacred and assassinated. We call on the world leaders who are conscious of humanity to see to this evil act of genocide being carried out against our sisters in particular and the generality of the Muslim in Palestine. We pray Allah protects them from the handiwork of the evil doer and restore peace back to the land of Palestine", she stated 

The event was spiced-up with a lot of displayed by various schools to appreciate the spiritual benefits of wearing hijab by female Muslims in the society 

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