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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Our Maiden CBT Accredited Centres Are User-Friendly- WAEC HNO

By Agency Report 

The West African Examinations Council says the centres accredited for its maiden Computer Based Test 2024 first series WASSCE for private candidates are top-notch, seamless and user-friendly.

The council’s Head, National Office, Dr Amos Josiah Dangut, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Lagos.

He noted that the examination would be held from January 31 to February 17.

According to him, the process, which is specifically for private candidates at the moment, is unique, being the first time the council will be deploying the platform for the conduct of such an examination.

He explained that the council had, however, been deploying the platform to conduct aptitude tests, as well as assess schools that intended to measure the proficiency of their students in one field or the other.

“Right now, the focus is on private candidates.

“We are very prepared for the examination. We have already gotten state-of-the-art CBT-accredited centres for this examination across the country.

The centres have very excellent facilities such as computers that will not be too slow, standby backups and power generating sets as well as personnel that will proctor the examination. They are all ready.

“The proctors are very experienced as we have given them exceptional training, specifically for the purpose of this examination.

“So, I want to assure all candidates participating in this examination, stakeholders and even the general public that there will be no failure of internet connectivity because we have fully prepared for such in every given centre.

“We will not rely on any external internet,” he said.

The WAEC boss added that there would also be a fixed power supply all through the examination, while the bandwidth for the computers was in top shape in carefully chosen centres.

According to him, the specially trained proctors will be on hand to attend to the needs of candidates, should there be any need for that.

He addressed concerns raised by some sections of the public over the possibility of the process in some parts of the country where candidates might not have first-hand knowledge on how to use the computer for the examination.

Dangut assured that there was nothing to worry about, adding that the process was easy and would by no means affect the performance of candidates.

According to him, the council will begin sensitisation about the process this week, and in addition to this, there will also be a Mock CBT for the WASSCE.

“There is going to be a mock test and it is going to be free. The sensitisation for the mock and the examination proper will be widely publicised, using print, and electronic media as well as our social media platforms.

“All of these will commence this week.

“What we have done is to sample. We have done our experiment. We have done a trial test, we have carried the candidates along, that is, this group of candidates that are out of school, as the examination is specifically for them.

“If you look at it critically, when you are out of school, you would have definitely acquired other skills, particularly the soft skills, and so, we have tried these our customers so to speak, the stakeholders, and those who want to write, cut across the strata.

“Our trial tests have been focused and centred on people who want to sit for the examination and have come out with very clean results.

So we are going to embark on mass sensitisation to the general public, as well as open a window for those who register for the examination to log in and do the mock CBT WASSCE,” he stated.

The HNO said that there would also be a video demonstration that would accompany the sensitisation jingles, noting that it would be all-encompassing.

He noted that such would allow the candidates to practicalise, have a hands-on experience, and then, get into the examination space itself.

“Let me assure candidates that they will find the experience fascinating and thrilling.

“The system in place for this maiden CBT First series WASSCE for private candidates is very user-friendly

“This is in the sense that you can choose to use the mouse or choose to use the letters. For example, if you want to go to the next question, you just press ‘N’ and if you want to go to the previous question, you press the letter ‘P’.

“On the computer itself, it gives you very clear directions on what to do. It is very seamless, fascinating and so much fun to operate.

I am an education enthusiast; my advice to persons, whether students or those out of school, is that they must always strive to be at their best.

“You can be at your best if you are properly groomed in academics because that is the only thing that opens the way for every other sphere of life,” he stated

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