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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Avoid Fanning Embers Of Disunity, Uphold Ethical Conduct - Babcock Varsity's V.C Cautions Journalists

Media Practitioners in journalism practice  have been cautioned against fanning embers of disunity among Nigerians, through reportage of events in the country

Vice-Chancellor of Babcock University,  Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Prof. Ademola Tayo who gave the caution over the weekend at a dinner organized by the university for Education Writers Association of Nigeria (EWAN) and Editors of online media organizations on main campus of the institution, however urged them to uphold high ethical standards and write stories that would promote peace and love among Nigerians

"Report the news with the aim of bringing people together rather than fanning the embers of discord. Together, let us build a better future for our beloved country. Thank you and remain blessed.Finally, recognizing the limits and ethics that guide your job as a journalist is critical to maintaining your professional integrity. By adhering to journalism ethics, guidelines, laws, and policies, you will not only ensure that your reporting is accurate, unbiased, and responsible but also protect yourself and your media house from legal and reputational risks",he stated 

The Vice-Chancellor stressed the need for objectivity and transparency in reporting events, so as to avoid conflict of interest among the reading public or audience 

"Be objective and transparent in your reporting and, where necessary, disclose any potential conflicts of interest to your audience."

"It is your responsibility to strive always to put the peace, unity, and development of our country first in your reporting. We must understand that your actions could have significant impacts on our country", he admonished them

He also warned them against close relationship with politicians to prevent a situation capable of tarnishing their image and reputation 

"Journalists will not be at their best when they work together with politicians and business executives. That sort of camaraderie is certainly bad for democracy.It is important to remember that you are all working towards the same goal- a peaceful, prosperous, and united country. Your profession requires that you help in building bridges, promoting dialogue, and finding common ground". 

The Vice-Chancellor however showered praises on journalists for upholding high ethi their balanced reportage of event in the society and appreciated for the media support given so to the university 

"We are proud of your exploits. We appreciate the diligence with which you carry out your duties, and the enormous responsibility you have manifested in your partnership with us", 

"You have practicalised this distinguishably in shaping public discourse and the opinions of citizens in the area of education by interrogating the role of government, private sector and the parents in ensuring relevant and responsive educational programmes that train the youth for the present and the future 

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