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Monday, October 16, 2023

YabaTech Moves To Ensure Industrial Harmony...Parleys With Unions' Leaders

Rector of  Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Lagos, Dr. (Engr.) Ibraheem Adedotun Abdul has met with the leadership of various unions, with the aim of ensuring industrial harmony between the management of Nigeria's premier tertiary institution  and staff on campus

The meeting which called for effective collaboration between management and unions of the institution, also addressed the issue of how to improve on welfare of staff and students 

The Union Colloquy with the management of the institution, included representatives of four existing Unions in the College, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP), Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Polytechnic (SSANIP), Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) and Non-Teaching Staff Union of Polytechnic (NOTSUP) 

According to Rector of the college, the Colloquy serves as a testimony, commitment to open dialogue, cooperation and pursue of excellence through diverse perspectives to bridge the gap between the management and dedicated unions in the College.

The Rector noted that in togetherness the unions and management will explore ways to enhance the ERECT Agenda of the Administration of the College, to foster a conducive learning environment, and address the concerned valued staff and students.

His words, “We must remember that at the core of our institution, the aspirations and dreams of our students, the relentlessly pursue of knowledge and collective efforts of today will shape the future of YABATECH, and the experiences of those in various leadership position will be of immense advantage as we embark on this journey of dialogue and collaboration”. 

He noted that the dialogue should be done with open mind, mutual respect and shared vision of betterment of the beloved YABATECH, and confidence through constructive conversation and innovative ideas, the Management and the Unions will forge a stronger and more vibrant institution.

Abdul explained that the two bodies have a common or shared vision, in that, they want the best for the College and they are committed to do their best. 

Likewise, they have passion in their minds, of how things should go, and the best way to paddle the canoe of the institution. 

“The management in its wisdom believe that we should have a regular platform like this that will make us to discuss our shared vision for the College, and harness a path by which together we will paddle the canoe of the institution in the same direction. We are bound to achieve progress if we work in harmony, but if we work in opposite direction, we will not achieve the desired progress. We are all burning with energy and passion to do something tangible for the College before the expiration of our tenures, but it must be done with collaborative efforts”. He declared.

The unions applauded the initiative of the Rector  to organize the Colloquy which availed him to charge the unions representatives not to only to impress their problems but to proffer lasting solutions to the advantages of all the stakeholders.

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