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Friday, October 13, 2023

Acquire Additional Skills,Stop Depending On Certificate - Don Charges Nigerian Graduates

A Professor of Communication and Language Arts at the Department of English Language, University of Abuja, Taofiq Adesina Azeez has charged Nigerian graduates to stop depending on having degree certificate alone for survival, stressing the need for them to acquire additional skills to be relevant in ever challenging knowledge based economy

The Don who was delivering 15th Convocation lecture of the Crescent University Abeokuta titled "Schooling For What? A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Knowledge Economy" on Friday, cited instances where graduates opted for career in fashion designing after their degree certificates and doing very well in such business

He emphasized the importance of going to school to make individuals do better in what they do to earn a living for themselves

"School and schooling play a crucial role in a knowledge economy. They provide the necessary education and training for individuals to develop the skills, knowledge and competence needed to thrive in a knowledge-based society. Schools also promote critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, which are essential skills in the knowledge economy", the Senior Lecturer stated 

"Going to school is important for several reasons. It provides a formal education that equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge needed for a future personal and professional success. Schooling also helps in socializing, building relationship and developing communication and interpersonal skills.
Additionally, schools often offer extracurricular activities, opportunities for overall well-being and personal development

A member of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs advocated for declaration of emergency in the country's education by government with a view of making institutions to serve as schools of Remedial Studies which according to him, will focus on researching into other extra material resources to create wealth from genuine intelligence  knowledge  of Ifa( Oracle) couple with scientific approach without being fetish

He urged Muslims to advance knowledge to humbly go back to the holy qu'ran which has deep knowledge beyond science and technology can comprehend

Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof.Ibraheem Gbajabiamila was full of praises for the late founder, Prince Abdul-Jabar Bola Ajibola, former Attorney General of the Federation and World Court Judge for establishment of the institution whose College of Law has been producing graduates for the Nigerian Law School in the past five year

He added that all the academic programmes being offered by Crescent University Abeokuta have been fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) including Nursing programme 

The 15th convocation of the university holds this Saturday, 14th of October, 2023 at the main auditorium of the institution 

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