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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Ogun Bureau of Statistics Partners 720-Degree Innovation Hub To Boost Data Utilization

Ogun State Bureau of Statistics has joined forces with the renowned 720-Degree Innovation Hub to provide comprehensive training for 25 of its staff members including Statisticians and Statistical officers to enhance the efficiency of data utilization     
The State Statistician General, Mr. Ajayi Michael Babatunde who expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration
during the ground breakng of the initiative, said that the innovative training programme would revolutionize the way data is being handled

He added that it would make it simpler and faster for staff members to extract valuable insights for decision-making.  

 " The initiative underscores our commitment to embracing modern methodologies and tools in our data-driven processes. We believe that the insights gained from this training will not only improve our operational efficiency but also elevate the quality of our reports and analysis"

"Good statistics enable Governments to pursue and achieve good governance by promoting effective development planning, intelligent policy programming and implementation, and allow for proper monitoring of policy actions as well as evaluation of policy outcomes and impacts.This constitutes the object of thought behind this training”,he stated 

" The collaborative effort between the Ogun State Bureau of Statistics and the 720-Degree Innovation Hub represents a significant stride towards improving the quality and speed of data processing with the Bureau. By equipping the staff members with advanced techniques and strategies for handling data, the training seeks to bridge the gap between raw data and meaningful insights, thereby fostering informed decision-making,"       

 The training, which spanned several intensive sessions, delved into various aspects of data utilization.  

Participants were exposed to cutting-edge methodologies in data analysis, visualization, and interpretation which would help streamline the process of extracting relevant information from complex datasets and also empower members of staff to derive actionable conclusions more swiftly.        

Speaking, two of the participants at the training, Mrs. Anuoluwapo Ogunlolu and Mrs. Adeleke Victoria said they would integrate the newfound skills into their workflow adding that the collaboration between the Bureau and the Innovation Hub would lead to more informed policy decisions and streamlined processes.

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