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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Watch Out For Rethink...Nigeria's Fast Growing Emerging Brand

Rethink Group is one of the fast growing emerging brands in highly competitive Nigeria's business environment with special interest in Real Estate, Fashion and Style, Micro-Financing  and media services

With corporate headquarters located in  Itoko area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State, South West Nigeria, Rethink Group, subsidiaries include Rethink Homes, Rethink Wears, Rethink Pay and Rethink Media 

Rethink Homes is gradually coming up to compete favourably with big players in the real estate sector and have its fair share of the market in Africa's most populous country

The outfit is commited to offering one of the most convenient ways for people to acquire landed property and build their houses both in Ogun State and Lagos, Nigeria's commercial city

Rethink Wears is another arm of the group known for its uniqueness in sourcing for some of the best fabrics  from Italy, China, Turkey and other parts of the world to make your corporate wears to suit your personalty 

The group is also commited to helping small and medium scale businesses to grow through provision of soft loans to customers by Rethink Pay, a micro-finance outfit

Rethink Media is about providing a cutting edge services for prospective clients to reposition their businesses for profit in the midst of competition

Watch Out For more details from Edu-biznews, as we unveil the brain behind this unique and emerging brand with prospect to compete with the very best in the world

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