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Monday, February 13, 2023

The Ex-Chequer,Kunle Adeogun Goes Home

A call came at exactly 9:30 on Sunday from my successor, esteem  Mr Taiwo Adeniran, past National  President that the longest serving National Treasurer of our alma mater, LASUMBA Heritage, an association of alumni and managers of LASU MBA kicked the bucket. 

I would have missed the information if not for that mobile phone call. For a long time, I stopped reading the deluge of political communication , cum propagandist posts :  half truths, unverified, glittering generality, Ad hominem arguments, card stacking, stereotype,  plain folks and name callings  being  posted on LASUMBA Heritage WhatsApp platform. 

The medium  is supposed to be apolitical,  above board and proffer solutions to professionals and administrators in politics and political appointees, the few that remain to salvage our fatherland, and are not divided along party line, religions and ethnicity. 

Back to the late pioneer National Treasurer and his contributions to humanity. He opened the first Wema Bank account for our noble association, and ensured change in signatories for successive regimes from:  Late Rev Gbenga Awofuna (first NP) to Mr Dayo Adeniyi (2nd NP); our  amazon Mrs Toyosi Lanre - Idris ( TLI, 3rd NP), Late Mr Yinka Bolarinwa (4th NP),  Mr Otun Olalekan (5th NP) and Mr Taiwo Adeniran (6th NP). 

The financial engineering, financial stability  and succession planning which formed the  bedrock we all enjoyed, all the credits can be  attributed to him and others, like Chairman, Constitution Drafting Committee Mr Sakiru Oyefeso and BOT, Engr Taiwo Soares. 

That we paid full or half  year ahead for MUSON Center for our flagship program, Annual Business  forum and enjoyed massive discounts, we owed him in-depth and immerse appreciation. 

For various  final audited  accounts presented during the yearly conventions and successful investiture programmes, the longest serving  National  Treasurer ensured these feats. 

A chartered accountant, full of integrity, impeccable character, highly  ethical, with cool mien and principled personality. 

During investiture dinners, as a true and genuine balanced  family  man, he always turned up in his traditional red bow tie and impeccable suit, accompanied by his lovely wife. 

He was never involved in hot arguments in any  Exco meetings and can't remember him get angry. A cool  tempered, matured and complete gentleman, that our  successive generations must hear about, and emulate, to move our fatherland from third to first world (apology to Lee Kuan Yew)  

He attended Baptist Gramms School, Ibadan, after graduating from university got  certified by ICAN, and joined  National Oil Mills Ltd between 1986 to 1991.  Through dint of hard work and perseverance rose through the ranks and became the Chief Accountant at John Bedola Ent Ltd, Gbagada Lagos between 1994 to 2003;  bagged MBA from LASU and later  founded Master Crown Intl Ltd, as the Managing Director. 

In lieu of the present milieu of scarcity of new currency notes and petrol,  the world would have been a better place if all bankers and accountants were like him. Such a thorough bred and professional book keeper, he will be sorely missed. 

Rest on Mr Kunle Adeogun, pioneer and longest serving National  Treasurer, LASUMBA Heritage. Adieu. 

Tribute in honour of Late Mr Kunle Adeogun written by Olalekan Otun, 
Past National President, LASUMBA Heritage  

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