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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

HIJAB : Ogun Muslim Counçil Lauds FG...Urges Ogun Govt To Emulate Protocol

The Ogun State Muslim Council (OMC) has lauded the Federal Ministry of Education for issuing a Circular approving the wearing of  hijab to be part of school uniform for female Muslim students in the Federal Government owned colleges, just as the council urged the Ogun State Government to emulate such step in the state 

Secretary General of the  State Muslim Cuncil, Alh Kamaldeen Akintunde,(Esq)in a statement made available to Edu-biznews in Abeokuta on Wednesday, described the Circular with reference number "FME/DSSE/US/UNIFORM/1,  dated 1st February,2023", as appropriate and compatible with the provision and the spirit of the Country's constitution.

The Council in the statement noted that the government paper could not have been otherwise, if the recent Supreme Court verdict on hijab is anything to go by.

The Council remarked that the Circular underscores FG's stance on free practice of faith, just as it estimated it to be timely as it will go a long way to checking the hullabaloo which the female Muslim head cover had generated in some states, especially between Muslim and Christian communities and groups.

OMC however counselled officials implementing the Circular and stakeholders against being overzealous by not making the adorning of the head cover compulsory under whatever guise, as stated in the said Circular.

Similarly the council implored  the Ogun Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to emulate and adapt the etiquette of the Federal Ministry by issuing similar Circular, in line with the religious freedom posture of the present administration, and in tandem with conventional and best practices.

As it is often said that "government business is done in writing", it behoves the administration to eschew sentiments and do what it thinks is right, and within the framework of the Country's legal book.

According to OMC, Circulars are administrative guidelines for implementation of government policies, and to empower Officials implementing the policies do the right thing, rightly and correctly, and within the context and content of such government paper.

Ogun Muslim Council opined that the present administration in Ogun State is not averse to female Muslim students adorning white cape (size) hijab on their uniform and therefore urged the State Chief Executive to direct the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to issue Circular, formalising and/or endorsing the use of hijab by female Muslim students willing to do so in the state.

OMC noted that government is a continuum and therefore, such Circular paper being canvassed will address the issue permanently and stop the unnecessary dust raising it generates among stakeholders and faith groups any time hijab using students are confronted by authorities.

Meanwhile, OMC has called on the Muslim and Christian leadership and followership and those of other faiths to co-exist and tolerate one another in the spirit of citizenry and for the collective task of nation building. It reminded them of the ongoing democratisation and the Census, geared towards nation building, charging them to be patriotic by ensuring a constructive and meaningful participation that will engender an overall development of the country, the statement concluded

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