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Sunday, February 12, 2023

541 Inmates In Schools At Old Ibara-Abeokuta Custodial Centre In Ogun

No fewer than 541 inmates at old Abeokuta Custodial Centre in Ibara area of the Ogun State capital are now in schools, undergoing various educational, vocational and religious programmes to reform and reintegrate them into  the society

Deputy Superintendent of the Custodial Service, Abdul-hakeem Awesu who made this known to Edu-biznews, said. 88 of the inmates participated in electronic examinations conducted by the National Open University of Nigeria,(NOUN) at the service study centre between 24th November and 15th December, 2022

Similarly twenty two (22) of the inmates are students undergoing National Certificate in Education NCE programmes at the Yewa Central College of Education in Abeokuta

He added that forty eight (48)  among the inmates who registered as external candidates who sat for the 2022 Senior School Certificate conducted by the National Examination Council (NECO) between 21st November and 21st December while sixty two(62)  others are undergoing pre and post literacy classes under the supervision of the Agency for Mass Education, Ogun State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

According to Awesu, fifty one(51) of the inmates who enrolled for Vocational Education Programme within the Custodial facility graduated on the 29th of June, 2022 after undergoing training in Desktop Computer Publishing sponsored by Prison Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization

He another batch of the inmates ought to have commenced first week of January, 2023 in Tailoring, Shoemaking,Beadsmaking, Carpentry as well as Drama and Music

Similarly, he revealed that a custodial centre had been opened at Ibara Modular Centre where inmates are allowed to sit for the examination being conducted by the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) 

Other  sixteen (16 )inmates who are Muslims were exposed to basic knowledge in Quranic  Education and graduated on the 11th of June, 2022 under the Religion Education Programme of the custodial centre while fifteen (15) others are currently learning Basic Quran in Arabic Theology

Seventy nine (79) inmates who are Christians were equally enrolled into Theology School organized by the Prison Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)


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