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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Prof.David.O Bamgbose, A Pace Setter In Educational Development

For upward of two decades, Professor  David Olufemi Bamgbose,had invested so much into educational development, particularly in OgunState.

He pioneered Private College of Education in Ogun State with the establishment of Yewa Central College of Education, a multi campus institution for training of teachers.

Some of these centers are in the rural areas to enhance access to the qualitative education being offered by the college .

Affordability also ranks high in his consideration hence fees charged in Yewa Central College of Education are the lowest with opportunity for installmental payments.

He is currently the chairman, Committee of Provosts of Colleges of Education in Ogun State.

Yewa Central College of Education has staffs schools that operate Crèche,Nursery,Primary and Secondary schools.

The schools have well ventilated classrooms, qualified teachers ,standard libraries, Standard medical facilities, science and home economics, recreation and support facilities, boarding facilities,transportation provision of pipe-bornewater generator and solar light facilities.

For the past years Bamgbose  have been contributing to the correctional centers by taking free  education.

The correctional centers in Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode ,Ilaro, Sagamu have all benefited from the benevolence of Professor Bamgbose .

Only recently, he established an Annex of YCCE staff school, which charges free tuition.

All parents and guardians will only provide other essentials like Uniform, Books etc.

Bamgbose is a man that is always challenging himself,looking for ways to touch lives and add values to people 


The Proprietor of Yewa Central College of Education has added yet another feather to his cap in the arena of educational development in the state. 

In this school, only what the parents will have to pay for are essentials like Uniforms, Books etc. 

The school has qualified teachers, adequate facilities secure and serene environment as well as exposure to Godly instructions.

 A publisher and author who has a  number  of  titles  to  his  credit.  

Bamgbose is the proprietor of Yewa Central College of Education, an institution he established over two decades ago which has turned out over 20,000 individuals,taking their rightful positions, expanding  the  social  economic  spheres  of  various  communities.  

The College was designed as a  multi  campus  and  rural  based  with  pocket  friendly  fees  which are allowed to be paid instalmentally.  

He currently chairs the Committee of Provosts of Private Colleges of Education and runs free education in correctional centers in Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode, Sagamu, Ilaro. 

The college of education has staff schools which include Crèche, Nursery,Primary and Secondary Schools.

 The schools are classical and parade adequate facilities while the fees are low. In fact, granting scholarships to brilliant students, is a regular occurrence in these schools. 

He has love of God through practical empowerment and value addition through education.

 Bamgbose disposition along this line, is worthy of emulation

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