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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

NUT Resists Return Of Schools To Missionaries In Ogun

Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT has declared that it would resist any plan to return public primary and secondary schools to Missionaries In Ogun state, or attempt to commercialize education in the state

The Baptist Conference in the state last August 5 demanded for return of its schools from government to ensure proper funding and effective running 

But Secretary of the state wing of NUT, Comrade Samson Oyelere in an exclusive interview with Edu-Biznews on Tuesday in Abeokuta, vowed that the union would resist such move and asked the State Government to reject the demand, warning that it would lead to commercialization of the affected schools and an upsurge in the rate of out of school children in the state which is against the policy of the Prince Dapo Abiodun's administration free education policy 

The union further cautioned that handing over the schools with huge Investment by government, would further polarise  Nigerians along religion divide which must be discouraged 

"Our position is Capital NO to return  of schools to Missionaries, handing over of schools to Missionaries In a polarized state, where religion divides us even more than any other things, what about the compensation paid to the former owners during the acquisition  of the schools then when foreign exchange rate was  two dollars to a naira, are they are going to refund ? What about the Investment of government on those schools now, are they going to pay back?, because those Investment are hard earned monies of Nigerians including Muslims, Christians and even pagans NUT asked

Returning of schools according to NUT amount to commercialization of education which would make it out of reach for children of the poor in the state and frustrate effort being made by the government to reduce the rate of the out of school children in the street as most of them will return to the street

"The union is also against commercialization or privatization of education in what ever disguise, those clamouring for it, is it not for commercial purpose in a nation where half of its population are not earning up to a dollar per day, what will happen to the children of the poor that can not afford their schools", NUT declared 

They also faulted the argument that returning schools to Missionaries would reduce the moral decadence in the society,saying the society has lost its value inspite of increasing number of churches and mosques 

The union stressed the need for the society as a whole to address the problem of moral decadence not leaving it only for the school to correct such menace in the society, saying "we should not cut off the head because of headache"

NUT however suggested to religious organizations interested in correcting the situation and ensuring quality education, to cue into the adopt the school or child initiative of the Prince Dapo Abiodun's administration in the state

"If the call is not commercial gains purpose why not join government in funding the schools through the "Adopt the school initiative or policy of government. Ogun State Government is operating adopt the school, adopt a child, if it is a child  they can properly take care why not adopt those ones, finance their education or say we want to adopt our schools, it is not longer their property, they are only adopting such schools to give Nigerian children a better education, so they adopt such schools fund it through approval of the State Ministry of Education but returning schools back to missionaries is totally against NUT policy and policy of education which makes education compulsory and free for both primary and secondary schools", the union submitted. 

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