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Saturday, January 27, 2024

2nd Iperu-Remo Education Sensitization Talk:Boardroom Guru Adetutu Buraimo Says Education Is Key To Future With Possibility


A renowned technocrat and boardroom guru, Adetutu BURAIMO, a fellow of accounting profession has identified himself as a  product of impactful education, describing education as a key to possibilities for individuals 

BURAIMO who holds MBA (ASTON),made this confirmation in his presentation at the second edition of the Education Sensitization Talk held recently at Iperu Remo 

The event organized by the Iperu Remo Education Trust Scheme Management Board as part of its efforts at using education as a tool to eradicating poverty in Iperu, was held at the Akesan Iperu Club 1954 Hall.

The keynote speaker opined that path to success is paved with bricks of education, and that education is not merely the memorisation of facts and figures, but rather a journey of discovery, critical thinking and personal growth.
BURAIMO said through his commitment to learning, seeking knowledge and honing skills, he was able to carve out a successful career in the field of accountancy and business.
"But beyond the professional achievements, education has broadened my perspectives  and empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the world around me", said BURAIMO.

He enjoined the students to embrace the opportunity that education represents.
"It is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity, enabling you to pursue your passion, realize your potentials and make a positive impact on the world. Education equips you with the tools to navigate the ever-changing world, to adapt to new challenges, and to innovate for the betterment of society", said BURAIMO.

He charged the students to strive to excel, not only academically, but should also cultivate empathy, resilience, and a spirit of service. 
"As you embark on your educational journey, remember that success is not solely measured by material wealth or professional accolades, but by the depths of your character, the kindness in your heart, and the positive difference you make in the life of others", submitted, Mr. BURAIMO.

As an experienced technocrat, BURAIMO said he has had the privilege of witnessing firsthand, the transformative power of education in shaping not only individual lives, but also the trajectory of entire communities and nations.

"You are standing at a crucial point in your lives, whereby the decisions you made today will definitely influence your tomorrow.
I implore you to approach your education with curiosity, determination, and a steadfast commitment, and to continue to embrace the challenges that come your way, as these are opportunities in disguise.
As you invest in your education, you are investing in your future, and the future of our world", posited BURAIMO.

He then concluded by advising the parents to always teach and train their children concurrently, as failure to do this will constitute an impediment to the task of educational development.

In his welcome address, the Chairman, Iperu Remo Education Trust Scheme Management Board, Mofopefoluwa JOSEPH, FRM, congratulated the Alaperu, using him as a point of contact for all the Royal Fathers in Iperu.

He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Jide OYETI-led Iperu Development Association, for its support to the board.

He also acknowledged the invaluable support and cooperation of the board members and the Executive Diirector for their dedication to the assigned mandate.

He concluded by urging everyone to become part of the noble cause to make a difference in the community through the power of education, as the board's ultimate goal is to use education as a tool to eradicate poverty.

On his part, the Special Guest of Honour, and the Executive Chairman, Ikenne Local Government, Hon. Olusegun OGUNLEYE, commended the board and the Iperu Development Association for the laudable idea, which is meant to develop education in Iperu, Ikenne Local Government, and Ogun State.

He described education as the most powerful important tool that an individual can receive, as it brings success to the society of today, and that the more you learn, the more the gains and opportunities that will be opened to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth.

He further described education as a basic human right, when tailored to the unique needs of marginalized communities. 
"It is for both the young and the old, and it increases the cognitive development of an individual, especially, those at a tender age", said the council boss.

The Guest Speaker and Honourable Commissioner for Ogun State, Prof. Abayomi ARIGBABU, was represented by the Zonal Education Officer, Sagamu Local Government, Mrs. EFUNSILE.

Goodwill message and motivational remark were delivered by the Alaperu of Iperu, His Royal Highness Oba Adeleke IDOWU-BASIBO (Odoru V), FIEX, FICMC, who was represented by the Ebi of Idena, His Royal Highness, Oba Lukman Adebambo SALAMI (Sebu II); and the Head of Department, Estate Surveying, Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Sapade, Miss Simbiat AWONUGA.

In attendance at the event were the Onimeji of Imeji, His Royal Highness, Oba Kayode OLAYEBO OREMULE-SODA; the Oluwo of Iperu, High Chief Barr. Ifasola Saheed OPEODU; and the Aro of Iperu, and President, Akesan Iperu Club 1954, High Chief Jide SOSAN; Vice Chairman, Iperu Development Association, Otunba Taiwo OYEBANJO; Members of the Education Board; and members of the Schools Liaison Teams.

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