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Sunday, December 10, 2023

NNPP Did Not Authorize Coalition With PDP, Others- Says Party Secretary

The National Secretary of New Nigeria Peoples Party, (NNPP), Comrade Oginni Olaposi Sunday has disassociated the party from the purported coalition involving the party and six other political parties  tagged “Coalition of Concerned Political Parties”, describing it  as fake and untrue.

Oginni who made this known in a letter addressed to the Board of Trustees Chairman of People's Democratic Party, of which a copy was made available  to newsmen on Sunday, insisted that the party has not authorized any coalition with any political party, warning PDP and general public to disregard involvement of NNPP in the purported coalition. 

The party secretary cautioned PDP in the letter, to stop dealing with people that did not represent the interest of New Nigeria People's Party. 

The letter further reads in part:
 "I have the collective instruction of Dr. Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam, the Founder and Life Member of the Board of Trustees of the NNPP, Dr. Temitope Aluko, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NNPP, and Engr. Abdullahi Babayo, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the NNPP and The National Chairman, Dr Agbo Gilbert Major, all of the NNPP’s National Secretariat, Winlands Plaza, Wuse Zone 4, FCT Abuja"

"It is a known fact in Nigeria today that Sen. Kwankwaso is an unstable politician who was a member of the APC, after which he decamped to your party, the PDP, and he only eloped to the NNPP in February 2022 in the build up of the last general elections with the ambition of contesting in the Presidential Election, which we all knew and you will agree that Kwankwaso never stood any chance in the top three, but we graciously allowed him the platform of our party to satisfy his curiosity and desires"

"Sen. Kwankwaso enjoyed the magnanimity and benevolence of our great party to contest in the last election in which NNPP secured the seat of the Governor of Kano State."

"Today His Excellency Abba Kabir Yusuf, is facing serious legal battles on the validity of his election, and the travails being faced by the said NNPP’s governor, Abba Yusuf were endangered by the greed, highhandedness and manipulations of Sen. Kwankwaso for his own selfish interest and ambitions at the expense of the success of our party as a whole."

"It is pertinent to also state that Sen. Kwankwaso through his so-called Kwankwasia Group has destabilized and caused great damage to our party by  planning to hijack the structures of the party, and hurt so many members at various levels today just to satisfy his greed and selfish ambition, which is seriously regretted that we allowed him into our party at all"

"But it is worthy of note that we did not sell our party to Sen. Kwankwaso and his Kwankwasia Group, and Sen. Kwankwaso is not the owner of NNPP, he only came to contest in the 2023 general elections and lost as afforded him under the Memorandum of Understanding entered with Kwankwasia and TNM in 2022. The said Memorandum upon which they came has no legal or binding effect on NNPP, same having expired after the general elections, and Sen. Kwankwaso and his cohorts have been expelled from NNPP".

"This letter therefore serves as a formal caveat to your party(PDP)and others by notifying you that the NNPP has not, and is not authorizing any coalition with your party or any other political party for that matter as is being speculated and published"

"In the circumstance, to do otherwise and proceed with the purported coalition in any matter with Sen. Kwankwaso in the name of the NNPP, will be serious hypocrisy on your part and feigning ignorance of a glaring and well established fact that Sen. Kwankwaso is not a member of the NNPP, and he has no locus or authority to engage in any form of negotiation and/or coalition on behalf of our great party(NNPP)"

"The relevant regulatory agency, security agency of the Federal Government and the general public will be notified immediately to ensure that your party and Sen. Kwankwaso do not cause any further damage to our party, and to prevent any avoidable breakdown of law and order, besides needless litigations"

"We strongly request that you avoid our terrain and mind your business please, to ensure a peaceful and cordial co-existence of Inter Party relationship"

Kindly take note that NNPP is not for sale.”, the letter concluded 

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