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Friday, October 2, 2020

MAPOLY Retirees Groan Over Discrepancies In Pension, Gratuities

Retirees of the Moshood Abiola  (MAPOLY) Abeokuta are now groaning over what they described as discrepancy in the payment of their gratuities and monthly pension.

The Pensioners in a statement obtained by EDU-BIZNews In Abeokuta, by Chairman of Retirees Forum of MAPOLY,(REFOMA) ,Hadj.(Prince) Taiwo Otunba who was one-time Head of Masscommunication Department, alleged injustice in the payment of their entitlements and called on the Ogun State Government to urgently address the issue. 


For instance, a Retiree who is expected to collect #10,000, is being paid #4,000 as monthly pension.

"We Pensioners of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) solicit your assistance in getting the Ogun State Govt to correct its injustice in the payment of our Pensions and Gratuities.",they stated.

According to them "In 2009 the Federal Government approved different Salary Structures for Tertiary Institutions thus CONPCASS/CONTEDIS  for Academic and Administrative staffs respectively"

The Pensioners explained further that "This was domesticated in MAPOLY and became effective in 2011 and appropriate arrears were paid"

But they were surprised that those retired from the service of the polytechnic in 2011,are still being paid based on the obsolete 2007 salary structure.  

"The first wave of Pensioners exited MAPOLY in 2011 and found to our chagrin that Ogun State Govt chose to pay our Pensions and Gratuities (for those of us who have been paid) based on the obsolete 2007 Salary Structure "

The Pensioners claimed that in the course of the struggle to correct the anormally , it was discovered that the polytechnic's  management agreed with the government to pay the balance from its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

"We as employees were oblivious of any arrangement and were not inquisitive about how our employers paid our salaries",they added

According to them ," current staff of MAPOLY are being paid on the very same Salary Structures,we retired on while we are now made to suffer neglect in retirement, after having enjoyed the appropriate salaries for years"

"Both national and international Pensions Law and norm is clear on the payments of  Pensions and Gratuities - that retirees should be paid based on their Terminal Salary. This Ogun State Government has reneged on",they clarified.

The Pensioners lamented that several efforts made so far had failed to address the problem 

" our struggles for about a decade now have met with brick walls. Some Government functionaries have pleaded with us for patience but Time is of essence"

"We therefore appeal to all well meaning quarters to please help us right this injustice by getting the State Government to pay our due and lawful Pensions and Gratuities accordingly, considering that at our old age, we are bereft of any other means to make  government accede to our legitimate request."the statement concluded.

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